LMAKbooks+design draws its impetus from the desire to provide a new platform for art-related thinking and functionality. It presents design within the realm of the fine arts from artists who develop design objects out of their studio practice, and designers who push their ideas into the visual arts. Our publications vary from artist zines and limited-run small press publications to texts that explore the work of international writers and critical thinkers in the arts.

THE CURATED WALL: Valentine’s Edition

Whether we love or dislike Valentine’s Day it is always a good excuse to give something special to show your love. We have compiled a list of unique and distinctive gifts:

# 1. Gorgeous  Candlestix by Avandi.
The set of 3 brass holders are hand-cut by the artist. Each has a reclaimed leather piece on its base to add traction and a dimple on the top for easy stacking or candle holding. The set creates a playfully modern sculpture-like objects that love holding soft beeswax candles.

# 2. An amazing brass ring by Caroline Woolard: Clepsydra (Water Clock).
As part of her current show, Carried on Both Sides: Encounter Two the artist created a ring functions as a water clock, personal performance or as a gorgeous ring. The custom made ring comes in four different materials: brass, stainless steel, matte black steel and nylon HP 12.

# 3. The unisex eau de parfume from the ATTACHE-MOI – collection: ICI & LA.
Inspired by the idea of scent and its flow  ICI & LA is a perfume that represents fluidity of time, and personal and geographical wanderings: here and there (Ici & La). Concept by Olivia Bransbourg in collaboration with perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu and artist Marie-Luce Nadal.

# 4. Porcelain napkin holders by Studio Piet Stockmans.
A set of six porcelain napkins in a handmade wooden box. Studio Pieter Stockmans combined in their porcelain objects the traditional craft production and a contemporary, experimental approach. The studio is constantly stretching the limits of porcelain.

# 5. The Diamond Acrylic Ring by byAMT
The Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring: design classic, symbol of marital bliss, emblem of our status-obsessed culture. byAMT’s jewelry line puts a playful spin on this icon. The Tiffany ring’s silhouette and basic shape remains intact, but rendered in different colors, material and width. The Red is passion, love, and strength. 

# 6. Vegetable-tanned leather keyring byAmt.
In an effort to not waste any unused leather byAMT has designed leather key chains with copper plated key rings. The keyring is made from vegetable-tanned leather, copper plated brass rivets. 


We are excited to launch a new  wearable silk prints by Tali Hinkis (for LoVid), which are a crossover between digital painting, video, and accessory. To celebrate we offer the scarf for a special price.

To read more about Tali Hinkis (for LoVid) Collection, click on Paddy Johnson’s article that has appeared in Vice Garage .

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Looking forward to hearing form you – and don’t miss our current exhibition:
Caroline Woolard Carried on Both Sides: Encounter Two – a recent interview between the artist and Thyrza Nichols Goodeve (Brooklyn Rail editor) was published in the Brooklyn Rail. Read it.

Caroline Woolard Carried on Both Sides: Encounter Two.

LMAKgallery is pleased to present its first project with artists Caroline Woolard, Helen Lee, Lika Volkova, and Alexander Rosenberg, entitled Carried on Both Sides. The organizing insistence of Carried on Both Sides is that imperial forms long outlive the empire from which they were generated. Using this imperial legacy of the @ symbol as a provocation, the artists have crafted new imperial artifacts.

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