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Evocative encounters. Sensorial Journeys. Existing or imaginary worlds.
Can I tie myself to the poetry of a cloud?

LMAKbooks+design is excited to present an olfactory installation premiering Ici & Là, the fourth fragrance of the ATTACHE-MOI collection, conceptualized by Olivia Bransbourg. For Ici & Là, Bransbourg collaborated with renowned perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu and artist Marie-Luce Nadal.

In 2006, Bransbourg and perfumer Christine Nagel created a formula around an editorial project; unfortunately, it was lost. Luckily, a remainder of a bottle helped perfumer Shyamala to reinvent it. It is a perfume that represents fluidity of time, personal and geographical wanderings: here and there (Ici & Là). Inspired by the idea of scent and its flow, artist Marie-Luce Nadal created a series of Clouds in Flasks. The artist captures on her journeys particles of clouds and electric residue of thunderstorms, which she then reduces to extracts in order to reproduce them infinitely. In the gallery there will be an intimate installation of olfactory pillars, photographs, video, and a mural. The viewer will be invited to accompany this unique experience linking the tangible and intangible.

Exclusively for this exhibition Olivia Bransbourg and Marie-Luce Nadal created a limited edition of ATTACHE-MOI’s Ici & Là, which will be premiered at the gallery during the opening. The ATTACHE-MOI perfumes: Attache-Moi; Attache-Moi 55; It was a Time and Ici & Là will be available at the gallery and can be pre-ordered, please contact info@lmakbooksanddesign.com

LMAKbooks+design is housed on the second floor of LMAKgallery.

Attache-Moi: Ici & La, 2017 A concept by Olivia Bransbourg in collaboration with artist Marie-Luce Nadal

Attache-Moi: Ici & La, 2017 A concept by Olivia Bransbourg in collaboration with perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu and  artist Marie-Luce Nadal