LMAKbooks+design draws its impetus from the desire to provide a new platform for art-related thinking and functionality. It presents design within the realm of the fine arts from artists who develop design objects out of their studio practice, and designers who push their ideas into the visual arts. Our publications vary from artist zines and limited-run small press publications to texts that explore the work of international writers and critical thinkers in the arts.


We are excited to launch a new initiative within LMAKbooks+design The Curated Wall a constructed modular showcase featuring unique and ultimate must have design objects and books. The first project will start with this Holiday Season. Similar to the idea of an Advent Calendar a new object will be featured on this site for 17 consecutive days followed by 7 days of special, last minute offers online and in-store.

The first object of The Curated Wall: A Holiday Event was a series of gorgeous wearable silk prints by Tali Hinkis (for LoVid). An absolute hit! Also Paddy Johnson of  Vice Garage wrote a nice article about the works.  The silk series are a crossover between digital painting, video, and accessory.

For the second object we selected the Limited Edition of ATTACHE-MOI Ici & la. Conceptualized by Olivia Bransbourg and in collaboration with perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu and artist Marie-Luce Nadal as part of the current exhibition ATTACHE-MOI Ici & la which will be on view until December 24.

The Limited Edition consist out two bottles; one with the Ici & la perfume and the other one with a cloud extract that Marie-Luce Nadal harvested in Paris in 2016; a red candle and a handcrafted wooden box.

Our third item were the gorgeous: paper baskets by DearHuman. The designers / artists duo have a mutual desire to create joy through unexpected moments in everyday environments.  

This fourth object is a throwback to my youth! My favorite bath toy was a yellow, wobbly fish with big, black eyes. The toy was designed by Patrick Rylands in 1968 and received the Duke of Edingburgh’s Prize for Elegant Design in 1970.

With the artists/designers duo from E for Effort we stay with the little ones, offering amazing small and big bubble wrap onesies. Wrap your little one in one of these adorable bubbles. Inspired by Anni Albers and Bauhaus design, puns, paper, and packing materials, E for Effort’s products transform the everyday into wearable fashion. Like their Twist tie rings, which come in silver and white…. (pssst… these amazing rings are on-sale!)

Interested in one of these products, send us an email: info@lmakbooksanddesign.com, order online: www.lmakbooksanddesign.com or visit us at 298 Grand Street in New York, between Allen and Eldridge Street. And, if you have any questions or experience any difficulties, we are here to help you: info@lmakbooksanddesign.com or 212 255 9707

At the end of the 17-days cycle of presenting new objects there will be a performance by LoVid on December 15 at 7 pm.

LoVid will perform a live audio/video compositions made with their new handmade analog synthesizers. The duo’s A/V performances are live, immersive, visceral, audiovisual noise. Their synthesizers are designed to continue the legacy of artist-made tools. LoVid’s approach to instrument building is an exploration of the relationship between craft and engineering, embracing and integrating fragilities of analog systems into the instruments’ design, and audiovisual compositions. Aesthetically, the instruments are sculptural combinations of circuits, wires, and textiles. Combining material and media sheds light on handmade DIY technological tools that expand on the relationship between the human body and technological development as part of the artists’ practice.

Please RSVP for the event at RSVP@lmakgallery.com


Evocative encounters. Sensorial Journeys. Existing or imaginary worlds. Can I tie myself to the poetry of a cloud?

LMAKbooks+design is excited to present an olfactory installation premiering Ici & Là, the fourth fragrance of the ATTACHE-MOI collection, conceptualized by Olivia Bransbourg. For Ici & Là, Bransbourg collaborated with renowned perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu and artist Marie-Luce Nadal.

In 2006, Bransbourg and perfumer Christine Nagel created a formula around an editorial project; unfortunately, it was lost. Luckily, a remainder of a bottle helped perfumer Shyamala to reinvent it. It is a perfume that represents fluidity of time, personal and geographical wanderings: here and there (Ici & Là). Inspired by the idea of scent and its flow, artist Marie-Luce Nadal created a series of Clouds in Flasks. The artist captures on her journeys particles of clouds and electric residue of thunderstorms, which she then reduces to extracts in order to reproduce them infinitely. In the gallery there will be an intimate installation of olfactory pillars, photographs, video, and a mural. The viewer will be invited to accompany this unique experience linking the tangible and intangible.

Exclusively for this exhibition Olivia Bransbourg and Marie-Luce Nadal created a limited edition of ATTACHE-MOI’s Ici & Là, which will be premiered at the gallery during the opening. The ATTACHE-MOI perfumes: Attache-Moi; Attache-Moi 55; It was a Time and Ici & Là will be available at the gallery and can be ordered:  info@lmakbooksanddesign.com